Category Vision

How do you develop a strong category vision? The following plan can help you with that. But maybe you need to ask yourself first whether a category vision is really what you need.

  1. Trends & Insights

Most important sources: trend reports, expert knowledge, market research, in- en external data sources.

  1. Category vision

A category vision tells you where the category can be in a couple of years, and how retailers and manufacturers can achieve this together

  1. Strategy/Strategic growth drivers

Strategic growth drivers are the strategy to follow as a manufacturer to achieve category growth with a retailer

  1. Tactics

Tactics are the actual activities linked to the strategies. Think about: price, promotions, assortment, innovation, shelf, instore marketing, trade marketing.

  1. Evaluation

Of course it is important to evaluate the results of the tactics and their contribution to the strategic growth drivers and adapt the plan accordingly.